Episode 23: Doctor Who‘s “The Wedding of River Song”! More Terra Nova Talk!

podcast 5 October 2011 1 Comment


It’s a very exciting, very engaging, very pterodactyl-filled episode of Timey Wimey TV! First, Liz and Rudy discuss “The Wedding of River Song,” the potentially controversial season six finale of Doctor Who. How awesome was that first twenty minutes or so? How huge a debt is owed to Douglas Adams? Is The Awl right about the episode’s flaws? Who initiates the Bitchy Feminist Moment of the Week? Unlike “The Wedding of River Song,” we will leave no question unanswered!

And then Rudy and Liz talk about Terra Nova some more, with additional nuance now that Rudy has actually seen the show. Is adding dinosaurs and time travel mystery enough to spice up a pretty standard family drama? One of us thinks yes! The other one, not so much! (That means we’ll probably still continue to cover it.)

Plus, you guys have thoughts as well, which we discuss! Please continue to sound off via Twitter, Facebook, email or right here in the comments! And seriously, thanks for subscribing and listening.

NEXT WEEK: Season 6 Round-table, with SPECIAL GUEST STARS. You should get excited for that!

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One Response on “Episode 23: Doctor Who‘s “The Wedding of River Song”! More Terra Nova Talk!”

  1. Spring says:

    Great podcast!

    I don’t mind that the new cliffhanger is another big Doctor-is-key thing because he’s historically a narcissist throughout the series. Maybe this is when we find out just why that is.

    It reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Someone mentioned in a commentary late in the run of the series that she’s self-absorbed, and I was surprised because she’s so likable that I hadn’t noticed. But it was true. She’s completely self-absorbed. The reason for it was being the sole slayer on the planet, with ridiculous responsibility and minuscule life expectancy. It made sense.

    Maybe the Doctor’s reason for being self-absorbed will also make sense. Or not.

    But I’m completely with you, Liz, about floating fairy Jesus Doctor. Waaaaaay overboard. I’m thinking that there’s some reason his parents named him the Universe passphrase for “Detonate” or something, but messiah stuff is just too far for me.

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