Episode 22: Doctor Who‘s “Closing Time,” Terra Nova, Inspector Spacetime and MORE!

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Huge show this week! Huge! Not only do Liz and Rudy cover the penultimate episode of Doctor Who season 6, “Closing Time,” but a lot of other stuff happens! For one thing, there was news about the premiere of Who season 7! And Liz asked Warren Ellis what he would do with Doctor Who, and he replied! Unexpected!

And Community‘s A-plus Who parody, Inspector Spacetime, has become a bonafide meme, one we take more than a few moments to celebrate!

Oh, and if you like poorly rendered CGI dinosaurs and potential time travel malarkey, Terra Nova is the show for you! At least, that’s what Liz tries to make Rudy believe. We’ll find out how successful she was next week, probably.

And we really do discuss “Closing Time”! How did the return of James Corden to the show pan out? How cute is it that the Doctor speaks baby? How exciting was that cliffhanger, huh?

And what did you guys think about it? You used your Internet powers to tell us! That was great! You should do that again! Please share your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, email or right here in the comments! And seriously, thanks for subscribing and listening.

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7 Responses on “Episode 22: Doctor Who‘s “Closing Time,” Terra Nova, Inspector Spacetime and MORE!”

  1. compubinks says:

    Just finished listening to your podcast. Very interesting thoughts about the last episode of Doctor Who. I can think of one possibility for the Finale that was not mentioned. The Doctor could have loaded up the RoboBody from “Lets Kill Hitler” and reconfigured it over the past years not mentioned. Then that could be the body that is killed with the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and some other characters piloting it.

    Now a couple of comments. First, Rudy should continue the Miracle Day Slash Fanfic from last episode and title it “Torchwood: Amateur Hour”. Second, what would Torchwood and Captain Jack be called in Inspector Spacetime? This could be your parody spinoff of Inspector Spacetime fanfic. Can’t wait till next weeks revelations.

    • Spring says:

      Yay podcast! As always I very enjoyed.

      My friend Jeff commented on my blog that he also thought the eyepatch contained an image of the Silence, which I thought was really clever. But then they had to go and release the prequel where some guys wearing them debunk that one, alas.

      The promo images do contain two pics of the Doctor wearing the eyepatch (and having some really shaggy hair as well) so whatever it does/is, he can use it!

      I figured Amy was the creator of the perfume, because I don’t imagine a regular person from the prevalent culture naming a perfume Petrichor. While the meaning is poetic, the word itself isn’t. What if her face is only on the poster because her marketing people insisted? Heh, “Well, okay, if you want to name your perfume pet-r-ichor, your face should be associated with it. Besides, all the big name models refused.”

      Yes, Rory looked like a dork and not just the sweater. That made me angry. Rory has a right to be cool and he was denied!

      Looking forward to next week. I read an excerpt from an interview where Moffat says he answers all the questions except one. I can probably live with that, depending on which one.

      • That’s an interesting point about the perfume. Was the implication that Amy was actually responsible for its name and slogan? While watching the episode, I’d assumed that she was just a model, and the perfume slogan was just supposed to be an amusing coincidence (I didn’t pick up on the petrichor reference). But it might make more sense if she was involved in the creation of the perfume and inserted those references deliberately. Still, it wasn’t very clear, and either way seems like kind of an odd career choice for her.

  2. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    Here to leave a comment and just in… time. sorry.

    Hi guys thanks for the great shows, apologies for lack of comments.

    Okay, before i insist like a drunk in an abusive relationship that In Moff We Trust, lets go back in t… a few episodes.

    Moffet’s ongoing narrative reminds me in some ways to Babylon 5 and the question of just how much was everything plotted.
    The other comparison is that Babylon 5, as well as being Timey Wimey in places, wasn’t afraid to mix things up a bit.

    Something Dr Who has disappointingly refused to do.
    River as series villian. Nope
    An older Amy as a companion, either as well as or instead of Current Amy, would have been an interesting development.
    The introduction of a New Companion so late in, nope she dead.
    Finally, belatedly the show felt the need to address the Rory and Amy relationship, and then drop them off somewhere.
    And Amy doesn’t once say, sorry can’t leave as i need to stop you dying.
    That has totally been forgotten.
    The first half of the season, whilst flawed had secrets and whispering.
    Dr on whether Amy is pregnant, Amy on the Dr dying.
    Second half of the season, lets not talk about the baby or the dying.
    Just have the Dr staring at a screen. graphic change from Shrodinger pregnancy to date of death.

    The Dr is a Time lord. Why does the death mean his incarnation of the Dr? And it could be at any time.

    Also can we clear up the whole river regeneration thing. Whilst idiots may think that River giving up her regeneration clears up the whole of the end of the Silence in the Library issue.
    remember that River sacrificed herself to save the Dr
    who was going to use his brain, but would have been fried.
    would not regenerate.
    so even if River had still had her regeneration ability it wouldnt have helped.


    The God Complex was overall great, as was Closing Time.
    But, leading up to the finale. not really they could have been anywhen.
    Dr is on a good bye tour and the second to last stop in his entire History is Craig!?!
    Stormageddon was brilliant.
    But the Cybermen were wasted.

    ok Cybermen, lets chat about this.
    Firstly the Cybermen were around from the Finale of Dr One. So predate the Borg. Considerably.
    Secondly, the RTD Cybusmen, were, frankly shite.
    And the show hasn’t known what to do with them since.
    End of the tedious Age of Steel. they lock themselves up in Alt-Batterseas Powerstation.
    They somehow then develop the ability to travel across the void.
    They somehow then develop the ability to travel through time, and run a poor work house.
    Then Moffet cant afford the redesign, so we essentially have origianl Cybermen with Cybusmen costumes.
    And for no apparent reason one is in pieces under stonehenge.


    So Dr River Song, in the the Space Costume, in the same way Dr is in the Pandorica.

    In Moffet we Trust. please pass the whiskey.

    Moffet is a great showrunner, for himself. His episodes are fast paced, high production values and brilliant. Occasionly he even remember emotions.

    The finale The WEDDING of River Song, will answer questions we have been asking, as well as some we havent even thought to ask, as well as a whole gamut of other storylines.
    And its not that anything will be bad, it will be that i was not smart enough to appreciate it first time round. or even second.

    Regarding the question of who could run the show after Moffet.
    He really hasn’t had a writer to stand out continously like he did on RTD run.
    Curtis and Gaiman, both being too busy.
    Gatiss, whilst brilliant in League of Gentlemen, has never really had a complete success.
    Im constantly surprised Paul Cornell (Father’s Day, Human Nature) isn’t writing for the show more.
    The nearest the show has in terms of strong episodes and experience as a show runner is Toby Whithouse (Lodger, Closing Time) (Being Human)
    But a few years to worry about that.

    The big theme of the series, other then babies stop your life, so abandon them to time and dont worry about them
    is alternate versions/ doubles and death isn’t permanent.

    We’ll be seeing a lot of that in the Finale.

    In Moffet we… (cries into whiskey glass)

    • Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

      (hic) sorry for long comment, had a few weeks to make up for (hic)

      • DangerShoes says:

        I agree with Steven. Was gonna elaborate more on that, but it turned out to be just me ranting. So I’ll hold off til after tonight’s episode to vent or praise Moffat’s genius :)

        I may have some whiskey for tonight as well.

    • What is there to “clear up” about River’s regenerations? She doesn’t have any left, and even if she did, we know she’d never get a chance to use them since she dies in the Alex Kingston body. They probably just had her “give up her regenerations” as a cheap way to make that moment seem like she was making some sort of important sacrifice without it needing to have any meaningful effect on the story. I seriously doubt that anything having to do with River regenerating will ever be a plot point again.

      I agree that River as villain or old Amy as companion would have been quite interesting and it was disappointing that they didn’t explore either idea.

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