Episode 20: Doctor Who‘s “The Girl Who Waited,” Torchwood: Miracle Day Season Finale!

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WAIT, WE’VE MADE 20 EPISODES OF THIS PODCAST? Crazy. So much time travel television! After kicking things off with a bit of 80s time travel nostalgia (holla, Out of This World fans!), Liz and Rudy discuss the newest Doctor Who installment. Did it break their hearts or leave them cold? That is an excellent question!

And then (at approximately 40:41), it’s time to say farewell to Torchwood: Miracle Day and its merry band of conspiracy fighters. Secrets are revealed! Things are exploded! A bet is won! And there’s even some more fan fiction! It is (hopefully) a fitting tribute to a show that’s given us a lot of food for thought (and a lot of laughs) over the past few months.

But what did you think? If only there were easy-to-use communication tools that could transmit messages instantly around the world! As always, please share your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, email or right here in the comments! And also as always, thanks for listening.

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8 Responses on “Episode 20: Doctor Who‘s “The Girl Who Waited,” Torchwood: Miracle Day Season Finale!”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the fanfic!

    Regarding the emphasis that’s been placed on the amount of available regenerations lately, I did think that that seemed weirdly shoehorned in in “Let’s Kill Hitler,” but I think they probably felt like they had to throw that in because we saw River die for good in “Forest of the Dead,” so they had to establish that she used up the last of her regenerations while in that body so that nerds wouldn’t bitch about why she didn’t regenerate that time.

    I thought the Torchwood finale was pretty terrible. It wasn’t that bad by Torchwood standards, but the first couple of episodes of Miracle Day made it seem like it could be legitimately good. It was a strong premise with a lot of interesting ideas, but those were all introduced and then immediately forgotten. Even if the series was originally meant to be shorter and had to be padded out, I wish they could have done that by expanding on some of those ideas instead of just throwing in a bunch of tangents that went nowhere to delay the resolution of the main plot line. Children of Earth flirted with being good, but it looks like that was just a fluke. I’m not so much angry as disappointed.

  2. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t leave a comment about this episode.
    I let you down, I let the show down and I’ve let myself down.

    I will now go and sit in a dark corner and think about what Ive done…

  3. compubinks says:

    Very interesting episode you guys. Still waiting to watch Miracle Day. Hopefully it will come out on DVD sometime. Can’t wait for your next episode on the Doctor’s God Complex episode. Listening to you on my ZuneHD.

  4. Spring says:

    Hey, I’m officially an iTunes listener now, so yay for statistics. Congrats on getting the short URL on Facebook. Can’t wait to hear what you think of The God Complex.

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