Episode 19: Doctor Who‘s “Night Terrors,” Torchwood‘s “The Gathering”

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It’s our second-to-last double-decker episode! First up, Doctor Who! We all knew going in that “Night Terrors” would be a stand-alone episode, but did a little boy’s nightmares make for compelling TV anyway? Did we learn anything new about our characters? Who’s more afraid of giant wooden dolls, Liz or Rudy? The answers to those questions MAY SHOCK YOU.

They will probably not shock you the way our discussion of Torchwood‘s “The Gathering” shocks you, though! This is because (beginning at the 19:25 mark) Liz and Rudy are forced to use some strong language to describe the episode’s final twist, which kinda had to be seen to be believed. But you could listen to us describe it! That’s probably good for a laugh.

And as always your thoughts, comments and questions are what make the episode great! So let’s keep the discussion going on Twitter, Facebook (please like us so that we can get the shorter URL!), email or right here in the comments! And thanks for listening.

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9 Responses on “Episode 19: Doctor Who‘s “Night Terrors,” Torchwood‘s “The Gathering””

  1. Lee says:

    On the Doctor Who production schedule, Night Terrors was indeed shot early in the Season 6 production run, and was originally supposed to be shown after The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (where The Curse of the Black Spot went instead) in the first part of the season, but this was changed while they were shooting later episodes of the season, with enough notice that Moffat was able to have the cameo in A Good Man Goes To War of Captain Avery and his son. Looks like their was going to be even more hinting at Amy not being was she seemed to be with the line of the Doctor near the end of the episode: “well it’s good to be back together again, in the flesh”. The BBC website also says if this had been the third episode of Season 6, there would have been a glimpse of Madame Kovarian like others in Part 1 of the season.

    The shooting on Season 6 was wrapped way before the hiatus, except for the pre-credits scene for Let’s Kill Hitler, as they had to wait until July for summer for the wheat field to grow to get what they needed!

    Really enjoying the podcast, thanks! Agree about Ashes to Ashes and Daniel Mays too, AtA (and Life on Mars) are up their as one of my favourite shows ever, and Mays was a really good addition for its last season.

  2. groonk says:

    Keeping it brief.

    Night Terrors > Fear Her. In fact, it washes FH out of my mind.

    I keep thinking on your question of why Amy/Rory travel with The Doctor. At first it was to avoid marrying Rory. Then I think it’s just for kicks. But then there’s the time the Doctor said to Amy, in The Pandorica Opens(again), “Amy, does it ever bother you that your life doesn’t make sense?”

    I don’t think rebooting the universe answered that question. I do wonder why River hasn’t mentioned Mr Scary Silence Will Fall voice to the Doctor.

    In the end, I think Eleven is keeping tabs on Amy for reasons known only to him.

    BTW, have you seen Daniel Mays in the short lived, but interesting, series OUTCASTS? His performance there had me pleased to see him in Dr Who.

    Lastly, Giant Earth Vaginas(GEVs) are a Blessing to all humankind.

    Until next podcast.

    • In the end, I think Eleven is keeping tabs on Amy for reasons known only to him.

      Of all the Who theories I’ve heard recently, this is my favorite, largely because (after the first part of season 6) I find it to be the most plausible. My money, were I a gambling-with-money sort, is definitely on the last two episodes of the season revolving around a big “here’s all the shit I’ve kept from you Amy sorry about that” reveal.

      And I did watch the first episode of “Outcasts” recently! Liked it enough to track down the second. And yep, Mays was a factor.

      In conclusion, GIANT. EARTH. VAGINA. For now until forever.

  3. Momster says:

    I’m finally caught up with Torchwood and Timey Wimey both. I did find Jilly’s reaction to the big gaping whole interesting and look forward to tonight’s explanation of what the blessed thing is.


  4. Spring says:

    Hee! So glad I’m not the only one to think female upon seeing The Blessing, although the phrase that came to mind was Earth Coochie.

    I’m thinking that Amy and Rory are still traveling with The Doctor because once you’ve been doing it, that’s part of who and what you are. You keep doing it until there’s a darn good reason why you don’t. Like getting kicked out. Or getting fed up. Or losing all your memory. Or whatever. I don’t know why anyone would want to be stuck on Earth in a straightforward time stream if they had an alternative. Donna would agree, if only she could.

    There’s an approximate 20-year gap between when the kid from the spacesuit regenerates in New York City and when Mels’ faked birthdate would have been, if she’s growing up with Amy and Rory. I’m putting them at being born mid-to-late 80s, possibly early 90s.

    So if spacesuit kid = Mels (and I’m not 100% sure on that, photograph or not) there’s still an opportunity to find out what’s going on in that 20 years. There’s also the gap between Melody’s kidnapping and spacesuit kid’s adventure. I think we’re supposed to believe she spent all of it in the orphanage in Florida. But maybe not.

    I also wonder what happens to The Doctor’s clothes for 200 years. Clothes wear out, so surely he wasn’t wearing the same ones all this time. But they’re the same before and after the Lake Silencio shooting.

    These are the kind of thoughts that occupy me while I’m shampooing my hair.

    Loving the podcast!

    • You make a really good point re: Amy and Rory’s reasons for staying on the TARDIS — one that I suspect is reflected in old school Who as well (which Moffatt seems highly influenced by). And, quite honestly, the idea that travelling through space and time is incentive enough for being there is something I can easily buy into.

      As to your point about the clothes — magic TARDIS laundry? Still, a good point. You should take lots of showers! And thanks for listening.

  5. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    The visual of a GIANT EARTH VAGINA is really the only thing to keep me interested in Torchwood at this stage.

    I really enjoyed Night Terrors at the time, and it is clearly GAtiss best script, but the lack of use for Rory and Amy, especially Amy is becoming more apparent.

    In the beginning of the series, Amy’s need to stay on the Tardis was clearly, to try and stop him from being killed, but her concern for that seems to have stopped, replaced instead with the Doctor staring at yet another screen.

    Which doesnt say Dr Eleven day od death. and he doesn’t know it happens in 160 of his years, or has that part been forgotten?

    The Rory and Amy scenes did remind me of their stuff, in The Doctors Wife, walking around corridors.
    The Dr at no time questions where they are, or shows any concern for them.

    I can confirm the earlier comment, that the episode was filmed early on, and then held back. As Gatiss is obviously heavily involved with Moffet on Sherlock Holmes.

    Moffet commented that it was his intent to ensure that all episodes become essential.
    The reality of that seems to be that characters from earlier episodes randomly or rationaly turn up in the finales.

    In Moff We Trust, i still believe that. Just.

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