Episode 17: Torchwood: Miracle Day — “Immortal Sins”

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Hey there Timey Wimey fans! Here’s some new Timey Wimey for you! After some preliminary talk about Doctor Who‘s return this Saturday (including IMPORTANT COAT FACTS), we’ve got a nice meaty discussion of the newest installment of Torchwood: Miracle Day! A meaty discussion was possible, because things happened! Which was very exciting.

Episode notes: As promised in the beginning of the episode, here is a link to Rudy’s new exciting computer desktop. And bonus points if you catch where I accidentally activated my sonic screwdriver pen during the recording process.

It’s your thoughts (and fan fiction) which bring the show to life, so please don’t spare us your Tweets, emails and comments (and fan fiction), especially as we get ready for the return of Who and Mega-Episode 18!

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