Episode 16: Doctor Who Gossip, Torchwood: Miracle Day

podcast 17 August 2011 1 Comment


Let’s be blunt — Liz and Rudy did not love “The Middle Men,” this week’s episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day. We had some problems. And concerns. With regard to the characters. And how they were being stupid.

Fortunately, other stuff happens in this episode of Timey Wimey TV! Thanks to the Twitter account of Doctor Who journalist Benjamin Cook, for example, we’re able to discuss some very vague spoilers for the upcoming “Let’s Kill Hitler,” including some potentially exciting companion news! And then we apologize to Liz’s mom! Annnnnnd we share a new piece of listener-written fan fiction! It’s a fun episode.

And it wouldn’t be possible without your Tweets, emails and comments, so please, as always, continue to chime in! Thanks to Casey McKinnon for hosting, and thanks to you for listening!

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