Episode 13: Doctor Who News, Torchwood: Miracle Day

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Guys, this is a VERY EXCITING episode of Timey Wimey TV. First off, Liz and Rudy discuss the news to come out of Doctor Who‘s domination of the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, including the announcement of an airdate, a teaser trailer for the second half of Season 6 and Karen Gillen stating that she would be returning for Season 7. Which, you know, we hadn’t thought would be the case.

And then we talk about “Dead of Night,” the third episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, which is also jolly good fun! Speculation is given! Requests for fan fiction are issued! And a gentlemen’s wager is struck.

Well, sort of a gentlemen’s wager. Technically, the winner of a gentlemen’s wager receives only respect, but Liz and Rudy didn’t remember that. So they’d love to know what someone should win (or someone should lose) when we find out whether aliens are directly responsible for the events of Miracle Day. Suggestions welcome in the comments!

Because it wouldn’t be Timey Wimey TV without your Tweets, emails and comments — so keep giving us more of those! Special thanks to Casey McKinnon for hosting our recording session, and as always, thanks to you for listening.

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8 Responses on “Episode 13: Doctor Who News, Torchwood: Miracle Day

  1. Andrew Seely says:

    Did anyone notice the lake’s name where the doctor “dies” (and I purposely put quotes around dies for lots of reasons)

  2. Nicholas says:

    Favorite line of the episode: “[Davies] is no Moffat.” Amen.

    On the DW 6.2 trailer: I think that shot was of Churchill with a gun. I know Matt Smith said he wants the Dream Lord to come back, but that would be next season, I think.

    I do kind of want to live in a Russell T. Davies world. Drama, partial lack of logic, lots of crazy love, aliens, WW2 greatcoats…awesome.

    I agree and also disagree with your comments on the first two seasons. I totally get your love for serial vs. X-Files done in one episodes. But I thought season 1, while it was a bit wonky, by the finale it did a great job of living up to the idea of average people having to deal with crazy, alien apocalyptic issues (and being so human they fail). Season 2 was just so campy and not dark that I gave up on it. The premise was strong and it could have been good, but it didn’t work in the end. But now that it’s only two people they don’t really have a chance to try that again.

    Also, you’ve officially destroyed my childlike innocence with the Captain Jack/River bit. :p

    And to whoever writes that Rudy/Jack fanfiction…oy. I’m willing to write either that or the Rex Matheson, CIA/Liz story only if someone uses it as part of an elaborate revenge scheme that I can join. Only then.

    And just because it wasn’t said enough: Rory punched out Hitler! Yes!

  3. Adam Lipkin says:

    Instead of going with a River or Jack impression for the spoiler warning, have you considered using Rex Matheson? He’s kind of made for it.

    And wouldn’t the perfect slash story actually artfully cut back and forth between both Liz/Rex and Jack/Rudy?

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