Episode 12: Torchwood: Miracle Day – “Rendition”

podcast 20 July 2011 6 Comments


The good times keep on rolling for our friendly Torchwood crew — if by good times you mean apocalyptic-scale disaster and Death Becomes Her homages!

In this week’s episode of Timey Wimey TV, Liz and Rudy opine and crack wise about the second episode of Miracle Day. Are the multiple storylines working smoothly? Is this whole mess Captain Jack’s fault? And how many character names were Liz and Rudy accurately able to remember? The answers all lie within this podcast!

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6 Responses on “Episode 12: Torchwood: Miracle Day – “Rendition””

  1. Compubinks says:

    I would like to keep up with this series. Unfortunately, I don’t have cable and can’t find the full episodes online (besides ep 1 on starz.com). Do you have any suggestions where to find them? They aren’t on netflix, itunes, zune mktplace, or hulu.

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