Episode 11: Torchwood: Miracle Day – “The New World”

podcast 13 July 2011 2 Comments


Summer’s here, and Captain Jack’s back to spice up these hot lazy months! In this week’s episode of Timey Wimey TV, Liz and Rudy discuss the return of Torchwood in its shiny new Starz-sponsored form, with an assist from your comments and Tweets!

What did we think of the first episode of Miracle Day? Is Bill Pullman’s portrayal of a pedophile/serial killer disturbing or super-disturbing? Will Liz forgive Russell T. Davies’ weak understanding of U.S. governmental procedure? How badly does Rudy want to see Captain Jack naked? All the answers lie within this audio presentation.

Please note that this contains SPOILERS for the U.S. airing of “The New World,” and that the show will not air in Britain until Thursday. But we’re gonna be super-interested in hearing from U.K. listeners about what may be different between the two versions, so please chime in with your thoughts.

And as always, we couldn’t do this without your support, so please keep the support coming via email, Twitter, the comments here or by subscribing on iTunes. And thanks so much for listening!

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2 Responses on “Episode 11: Torchwood: Miracle Day – “The New World””

  1. DangerShoes says:

    As tweeted a few weeks ago, I was able to watch the first 3 episodes at my cousins in California. Needless to reiterate, but shall… I got hooked. So will soon be catching up some how ;) Curious how many episodes have been aired so far?

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