Many apologies…

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…But due to illness/work/life/holiday schedules, Liz and Rudy weren’t able to record a new podcast this week. They are very sorry about this! Very sad and sorry indeed.

However, we will be back NEXT week, and we will have a grand old time watching the Doctor Who that, in the words of Russell T. Davies circa 2000, “doesn’t count.”

In the meantime: Americans, have a wonderful Independence Day, and everyone else have a lovely week!

(Oh, and maybe listen to our epic Star Trek episode, if you haven’t already.)

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  1. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:


  2. DangerShoes says:

    Hope all are well. Though watching said movie, may make illness come back. Attempted to watch it, and had issues all over the place. Looking forward on your take. Wish all a happy Independence Day and /or an awesome weekend! <3 the England… Just saying :)

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