Episode 9: Star Trek Time Travel Death Match

podcast 22 June 2011 4 Comments


Today, friends, we go to the final frontier of time travel television! Yes, lest you guys think that Rudy and Liz are only capable of ranting about Doctor Who, today we’ve got a nice long discussion about the Star Trek franchise and its best timey-wimey moments.

In this episode, we not only select our favorite Star Trek episodes to utilize time travel, but discuss why our choices all came from a relatively limited sample size and why Trek was so damn good at playing with time. (There’s also some cursing out of Enterprise. Because eff that show.)

So sit back, relax, and listen — then feel free to yell at us on Twitter, via email and in the comments. These are just our humble picks, after all. Surely yours are better.

And get ready for the next few weeks, as we prepare for an epic undertaking. Want a hint-that’s-not-really-a-hint? BOOM.

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4 Responses on “Episode 9: Star Trek Time Travel Death Match”

  1. DangerShoes says:

    lol! Up til a specific spot in this podcast, I was gonna say my fave was actually Star Trek – The City on the Edge of Forever… Do think the costumes had a play in me liking it. Was one of the first time travel episodes I’ve seen as a child, and of course Doctor Who.
    Do agree, since then, there have been better written and produced episodes involving time travel on Star Trek.
    On the subject of DS9 as a whole, it had good episodes. I personally didn’t like the series, due to the similarity I felt it had to Babylon 5 as far as the function of the station.
    Have been thinking of buying the Dr. Who movie everytime I go into Best Buy. May pick it up now. I know. I have seen it before. I am willing to deal with Eric Roberts…. uggh lol

  2. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:


    This is slightly weird, in that for the first time im solely commenting on the show rather than a long diatribe about Who.

    So firstly what was with all the microphone bangs?

    I think it was an interesting point that Rudy made, that the split of episodes fell along similar Who lines of RTD or Moffat.

    Okay a couple of disagreements, this is a death match after all. But to maintain balance its one for each of you.

    1) All good Things isn’t a good time travel episode. In that its not really a time travel episode. at BEST you could argue that Picards consiousness travels through time. but really its a fractured narrative set in different time periods.
    which only makes it time travel, if you consider ALL of Trek time travel because it is set in our future.
    But in Trek reality its not time travel, becuase its a) an anomaly and b) an anomaly that never actually happens as its all set within a Q Continuum trial.
    Best Trek Finale. For Sure. Best Time Travel. No.

    2) To dismiss Undiscovered country is bad enough, to not acknowledge the Wrath of Khan as the best of the Movies is another thing.
    But then to say that Time travel in the movies is best becuase it makes it more epic, just seems foolish when you consider that Voyage Home, Which is fun and great don’t get me wrong but…
    You are essentially say its Epic quality is that it gets them to walk around San Francisco, oh and Scotty gets to type epically fast.

    In agreement;
    Fuck Enterprise
    You take a show, set it in Trek Past, create new aliens and better teleporters. thats narratively bad enough.
    You make a central theme time travel and a Temporal Cold war in the future, thats awful.
    But then you get Scott Bakula of all people to say he doesnt believe in Time Travel. Thats not meta, thats shit
    Fuck Enterprise.

    anyways, take care, stay safe and dont do drugs.

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      The bangs might be due to me putting down my mug of tea? We’ll be more careful of that in the future.

      I hear your point re: All Good Things, but disagree because Picard has awareness of all the different time periods, and that awareness guides his actions. Also, the AUDIENCE is traveling in time, even if the characters are not, and that has a major effect on our perception of events.

      I will let Rudy defend his position re: the movies. I am with you on Wrath and Undiscovered Country, believe me. :)


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