Series 6 Mid-Season Round-Table: “The One Where Neil Gaiman Tweets Us”

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Whew! What a season, am I right? And we’re only half-way through! So because we weren’t quite ready to stop talking about Doctor Who before the summer break, Rudy and Liz enlisted three of their favorite Whovians — Jay, Juan and returning guest Megan — to discuss the show. Topics include the ongoing Moffat vs. Davies debate, how River Song’s secret impacts the series as a whole and what recent casting announcements might imply about Amy and Rory’s future on the show.

Plus, we respond to your Twitter and blog comments — that’s right, even you Neil Gaiman — and surprise our friends with a rapid-fire opinion rundown! It’s a fun episode. It’s a long episode, too. But we hope you enjoy nonetheless. (Special thanks to Juan for his kick-ass Cyberman audio effects.)

Starting next week, we’re shifting into summer vacation mode, and because we have a few weeks still before the premiere of Torchwood: Miracle Day, we’re searching for other topics. You’ll find out what the next one is at the end of this week’s podcast, and the Eighth Doctor beckons as well, but if you have a time travel television topic you’d like to see us take on, please let us know in the comments!

One final note: We officially passed a thousand listens this week! And we couldn’t have done it without your Tweets, emails and comments — so thank you so much for listening!

7 Responses on “Series 6 Mid-Season Round-Table: “The One Where Neil Gaiman Tweets Us””

  1. MYMHM says:

    I only took a couple pics during the roundtable, but I uploaded them to my smugmug:

  2. DangerShoes says:

    Been thinking on the revelation of River Songs identity… As I posted before, I did at first I thought she was gonna say she was his mom. Did like the revelation. The thing I now am starting to have issues with is the claustrophobic forth coming “love” story. I’ve nothing against love in general, but when the ending is shown before it actually begins… Make me feel like its a noose around the future season. Not sure how Moffit will do it, but to me it will drag on. Unless of course he pulls a mind blowing out of left dimension shocker, that re-writes what happened in the Library.
    Maybe it’s because I’m numb from all the foreshadowing of Rivers appearances and hints. Just my 2.5 cents. :)

    Love the roundtable!!! You all rock!

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      It’s a good point about the noose. But if he rewrites Library/Forest it’ll be pretty mind-blowing — and disappointing. River in sparing amounts is by far the best use of her.

  3. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:


    Finally caught up with the shows. Congrats on passing 1000 listeners.

    Some thoughts on A good Man Goes to War, which i don’t think were mentioned, plus on the half series as a whole.

    What I loved is this was a classic case of Moffat giving you what you wanted but not how you expected.
    Return of the Cybermen, check. Done and dusted in the opening.
    Return of the Sontarian and Silurian, but not as villians as you would expect.

    A major theme of the end of RTD run was as Davros said, that he turns his Companions into the weapons he can not be.
    See Martha formerly a Doctor about to blow up the world.
    This was played into very much here, with the Dr, Rory and Strax all flipping between being Medics and Warriors.

    The other theme, played into at the end of The Runaway Bride, is when Donna tells him he needs a companion, to save him from himself.
    And this makes sense, Dr Nine, is plauged with Survivors Guilt and is full of piss and vinegar. see ‘Dalek’ episode.
    Showing Rose the universe heals him, see the beginning of ‘Boom Town’.
    This is then extended with Dr Ten, who is much more playful, if slightly Gurning.
    So Ten, picks up Martha, now im a fan of Marth i think she got didnt get a fair deal. Following Rose AND Catherine Tate, stuck with the rebound girl plot.
    (there was that terrible bit in the otherwise great ‘The Shakespeare Code’ where Ten is trying to solve it and he says something like “Rose would know what to say, she’d just say it and it would all make sense” Sorry but Rose was at times a grumpy idiot.

    I have gone majorly off point.

    Yes Dr needs companions.

    Well with Amy, rather than having somebody who helps humanise the Dr, we have somebody who is frankly slightly messed up with sleeping next to a crack in the universe and waiting for the Dr as a young girl.
    And twice this season she pulled a gun rashly (ironic considering the comments that she was just told to sit in the corner with the Jelly Baby)
    First she shot the girl (her own daughter) then she pulled a gun and threatened River (her own daughter)
    Eleven needs a calming influence, and River isn’t that, she is Captain Jack. happy to shoot, which Eleven he admits he kind of likes.

    we still know NOTHING. I thought the comments that River might be Dr’s wife/ child, frankly bizarre. did people miss the kissing, and sexual comments.

    Regarding sexual comments, now that Rory know’s River is his Daughter, that conversation about River having a birthday threeway with the Doctor is going to keep him up at night.
    Speaking of the conversation, did you notice how River reacted when Rory asked if she knew who she was? She was nervous, as if she knew of him, but had never really met him

    As for the Doctor building an army, i liked it, Madam Vestra and Companion need there own spin off. and i thought it was much better than the season four finale ‘Journey’s End’ Where Shadow Proclamation are an albino woman, and a bunch of modern day folk come along for the ride.
    the only person missing from Eleven’s army was Captain Jack, but as he is busy we will let that go.

    Dr and River, i think its been clear that their lives aren’t running in direct opposites. He turns up after all before she dies to give her his Sonic Screwdriver.
    and its not clear at all when River comes from at the end of the episode to reveal who she is.

    How can the next episode be about Hitler, isn’t the next episode about rescuing the baby, if Dr turns up without the baby, wont Amy and Rory be like, erm wheres the baby? will Dr try to distract them with oh dont worry i put her in an orphange in the 60′s with a crazy old man and The Silence.
    so that they can build her a enhanced space suit.
    and then she’ll phone the president, before living homeless on the streets.

    if that girl from the opener IS amy and Rory’s child, doesnt it make it extra cold, for them at the end of the episode to go. well on the one hand we could go find her, on the other we could hang out with some shite pirates.


    In Moffat We Trust

  4. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    Also to clarify,
    Moffat has said on more than one occasion, that he suggested that Jenny should live as an aside, something he had to be reminded he had done.
    Not becuase he has any plans for the character

    because lets be honest, she was shit.


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