Episode 7: “A Good Man Goes to War”

podcast 8 June 2011 7 Comments


Big reveals this week, eh? Big reveals. In the world of Doctor Who, that is, not in the podcast we’re posting today — unless, of course, you count what Liz and Rudy think of “A Good Man Goes to War,” including River Song’s secret past. We were going to try and talk about other stuff, but that proved to be impossible, because boy howdy did we have a lot of thoughts — and so did you guys!

This episode, just as a reminder, is not safe for those watching on a U.S. schedule. But for those of you who are a week behind the U.K., allow us to recommend last week’s episode, a reaction to “The Almost People.” You’ll enjoy it! We promise.

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7 Responses on “Episode 7: “A Good Man Goes to War””

  1. Dividedwestand says:

    Hey guys,
    Im a doctor who fan from Panama and i love this series and your podcasts so i wanted to see your thoughts about some of my own trains of thoughts. Do you guys think that Melody Pond or River Song however you want to call her is going to be a future companion of the doctor in any way shape or form? and what kind of future event is going to call fo the doctor to get back in time after inviting Amy, Rory and river to hes own death by melody herself? thanx guys and hope to hear you speculating on this on the next podcast!

  2. DangerShoes says:

    Thoughts on “AGMG2W”: From the opening to the Doctor’s unhooding, I felt like I missed an episode. In the previous episode while gangered, the Doctor did mumble something about Cyber-brain or mat… unsure exactly, but he linked it to how Cybermen controlled people. So that might have been how he found the Cybermen. It just felt like a ride at Disneyland. As you go along, scenes just pop up with no real explanation as to how or why, unless you saw the movies. (odd analogy, I know). I too thought breifly of the mother possiblity. Am curious why he had his crib with him? Strange thing to bring along when he “stole” the TARDIS in the beginning.
    Have noticed with this seasons episodes, as with last season, that some seem confusing up til the end. In which the episode/last season all makes sense.
    Speculation: The first episode after the break, I believe is tied to the scene in the first of this season that has him in the tunnels.

    Question: Seems like Moffat has been paying homage to past Doctors, do you thing this last one was paying homage to RTD? Read that theory on a site, and think it fits. Though with the two guys, it seemed a little too pushed.
    Love this podcast. Looking forward to listening about Torchwood, though I don’t have HBO. So I’ll be watching it through you two.

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      I don’t think it was Moffat paying homage to Davies so much as it was Moffat responding to the expectation that finales should have an epic feel. But it’s a theory that works.

  3. Spring says:

    Hi! Loving the podcast. Am listening to all of them for this season in one go.

    Last week I ran a River Song marathon for grins and giggles and tripped across a toss-away line in the one about the crash of the Byzantium that maybe wasn’t a toss-away after all. The museum with the home box in it belongs to …

    The Headless Monks.

    There was something else River said in the Library that seems to refer to recent episodes but darned if I can remember it now.

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