Episode 6: “The Almost People”

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Yep, so you guys voted and we listened! This week, we discuss the Doctor Who episode “The Almost People,” which has not yet aired in the United States and thus if you’re watching via BBC America BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

But once you’re not worried about spoilers, enjoy Liz and Rudy responding to your comments on the newest episode and going into detail about their likes and dislikes. There’s also a bit of time devoted to discussing the difference between the Davies era of Who and Moffat’s, as well as our plans for summer vacation (hint — it rhymes with “smorchwood”). Plus, just a taste of what you’re (not) missing on the radio play front.

As always, comment here or via Twitter or email with your thoughts and speculation, subscribe on iTunes, and thank you so much for listening!

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16 Responses on “Episode 6: “The Almost People””

  1. DangerShoes says:

    Sonic Shenanigans:
    1)From beginning to working behind the console: Doctor (Though behind the console, he was pretending to be the DoppelDoctor)(Real: 1 Doppel: 0?)

    2)Just before splitting up after the console scene: The Doppel pretending to be the real tossed it to the real pretending to be the doppel. (Real: 2 Doppel: 0??)

    3) Having not met up yet. Locked in the acid room: Amy’s party Doctor pulls out a Sonic. (Real: 2 Doppel: 1)

    4) Birthday boy calls: Doppel groups Doctor uses one on the phone. (Real: 2 Doppel: 1)

    5) When behind the door. Trying to escape.. Let me insert an observation here. As long as the dialog was in that hallway with out any banging. They clearly would have had time to all get to the tardis and close the door. Just saying… Real doctor tosses sonic to Doppel. (real: 1 Doppel: 2?)

    I believe there is a portal in his pocket, and tossing is just for show.
    An hour and a half, maybe. To cut it to an hour would make it too rushed. Do agree with the emotional lacking of this Doctor, but (Don’t kill me) I personally thought the Tennant Doctor was a bit too emotional. Eccleston was funny and not that emotional except near the end.

    Sorry for the lengthiness of this post. :)

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      Don’t apologize! You are doing the Lord’s work. By Lord I mean Time Lord, and not blasphemy. Perhaps. Anyways, point is thank you very much for breaking things down like that.

      Tennant’s era did veer towards the emo at points, for sure. (Emo and/or Magical Tinkerbell Jesus, that is.) But the balance of emotion to storytelling is always probably going to be a core element of critiquing “Doctor Who,” at least from an adult POV.

  2. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:


    Amateur Mistake Alert: Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron flow was the Third Doctor. (shakes head)

    ‘Reverse the Jelly Baby of the Neutron flow’ was a favourite line.

    Dangershoes has done a good coverage of the sonic issue.

    If the flesh can grow clothes does that mean the clothes are alive?

    Has Rory been giving ‘special’ cuddles to Ganger Amy ?!?

    Spent the two episodes telling us the Flesh was alive and important and to be saved
    And as soon as reveals Amy is Flesh. Kills her. WTF?!?
    ‘The energy from the TARDIS will stablise the Gangers for good, they are people now’

    The Doctor has a vial hanging around which deals with blood clots.
    However when Rory needs CPR, and he has nothing.

    The interesting thing about Moffat’s plotting, is that not only can we not work out the solutions, is that we don’t always know what the problems are.


    RE Torchwood: will each episode in the US be started by an annoying voice over explaining Jack and Torchwood…

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      Re: 3 vs. 5 — while I bristle at the word amateur, I do appreciate the correction. :) At least I was just mixing up the blond Doctors!

      “Has Rory been giving ‘special’ cuddles to Ganger Amy ?!?” –> favorite comment to date on this episode. Second only to “The interesting thing about Moffat’s plotting, is that not only can we not work out the solutions, is that we don’t always know what the problems are.”

      And re: Torchwood — ugh, I hope not. Though based on all the promotional materials, I think they’ll be easing U.S. audiences in by making us watch Mekhi Phifer and his buddies discover Torchwood the long and expositiony way. So perhaps we’ll be spared this.

      • Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

        Don’t bristle at Amateur.

        Whilst the word Amateur is used derogatory
        it actually comes from the french / Latin to mean ‘Lover of’
        ie you do a podcast, unpaid, becuase you have a passion for Dr Who.
        your mistake was Amateur, becuase it was in the heat of the moment and you perhaps have a fondness for Dr Five.

        • Liz Shannon Miller says:

          I am fond of the story from the shooting of Time Crash about how Davison couldn’t fit into his old costume. :)

  3. MYMHM says:

    NO QUESTION this two parter could’ve been one episode. I ended up missing Rebel Flesh, so I watched both 5&6 back to back.
    I REALLY felt like fast-forwarding through the middle half hour.

    • Rudy Jahchan says:

      Wait, that means you would have still another half-hour to account for. What would you do? WHAT WOULD YOU DO!?! ;-)

      In all seriousness, I would have merged the Jenny and Foreman characters, and dropped one of the “red-shirts” who bought it this episode.

      • Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

        The problem with cutting red shirts is wouldnt we then be going, wait you have this base, pumping acid, and there is only three members of staff.

        • Liz Shannon Miller says:

          That wouldn’t bother me too much. It certainly didn’t seem like the five people were terribly overworked — dropping that number down to three would have allowed for development of their core relationships and also gotten rid of the “Rory chases a girl through tunnels for literally half the episode” storyline, which would have been a huge benefit.

  4. Jeff says:

    Maybe they could have taken people out with more damage from the tsunami?

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      I don’t quite understand what you mean. Spambot?

      • DangerShoes says:

        No spambot. Easing back on DangerShoes. :) That post was re: having a smaller crew with less red shirt by having more damage via tsunami/acid leaks before the Doctor actually arrived. Think that would have explained the shorter staff.

        - Jeff “no spambots here” “DangerShoes” Elwell

        Okay, I’ll stick with DangerShoes

        • Liz Shannon Miller says:

          Call yourself whatever you like! I just wasn’t sure, will know now in the future. And I actually like that explanation. But it would have involved world-building, which was not this episode’s strength.

  5. Compubinks says:

    Just wondering, after the big reveal at the end of this episode where the Amy that has been with the Doctor and Rory is a Ganger. Should her Ganger have been affected by the solar storm and become detached (and broke the connection)? I was hoping for the radio play and some Galacticast-esque Doctor Who. Well can’t wait until Monday when I can watch the 1/2 season finale.

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      Maybe it’s because she had a separate connection from the gangers on the island? That’s just a guess, though.

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