Episode 5: “The Rebel Flesh”! Plus, What Should We Do Next Week?

podcast 24 May 2011 9 Comments


Episode 5! Rudy and Liz were on their own this week, but don’t worry, between the two of them they found plenty to rant about when it came to the Doctor Who ep “The Rebel Flesh,” aided and abetted by comments from listeners like you.

Oh, and speaking of readers, we need your help in addressing a programming dilemma we’re facing. As we discuss in this week’s episode, this Saturday BBC America will show no new Doctor Who, fearing a drop in viewers due to Memorial Day. (Jerks.)

Thus our options consist of either “borrowing” the next episode, “The Almost People,” and keeping in line with the UK schedule, or finding something else to do for our next episode and staying faithful to the BBC America lineup. How will we decide what to do? Through democracy, of course!

Let us know what you think via the poll, Twitter, email or the comments here, subscribe on iTunes and thanks as always for your patronage!

9 Responses on “Episode 5: “The Rebel Flesh”! Plus, What Should We Do Next Week?”

  1. Jeff (dangershoes) says:

    Very happy to be able to listen a day early. My co-workers don’t watch the new Doctor, so to listen to a conversation and discussion about my fav show is awesome!
    On it’s surface, I like this episode. Seems more like a Rory episode. Though after some “reflecting back”, I’ve noticed some oddities in the dialog.When they first get to the monastery, Rory asks, “Doctor what are you talking about? We never been here before.” Amy asks, “We came here by accident?” Then the doctor gives an odd response. I know the Doctor always has future inside info in his mind, but that dialog seemed odd.
    He does mention that the monastery is a 22nd century army owned facility. Missed that before.
    I kinda feel that this whole “Them and Us” battle is just covering over something deeper. I hope, at least. Just the looks the Doctor gives when they are all in the restroom. Does have a feel of “The Doctor’s Daughter” as far as the replicator and ganger similarities. I could be off though. Tired.
    Looking forward to see what you all decide to do next week.

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      “He does mention that the monastery is a 22nd century army owned facility. Missed that before.”

      Not that it mattered in any way because WE RECEIVED NO INFORMATION ABOUT THE OUTSIDE WORLD DURING THIS EPISODE. But I digress. Thanks for mentioning that! And for mentioning how this episode is like “The Doctor’s Daughter,” because I will never tire of remembering how much I hate it.

  2. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    Re: The Poll.

    You have to maintain the UK schedule, because next week leads into the Mid-Season Finale, which is HUGE.
    And if you think you can remain spoiler free for that you are mental.
    No way you can be a week behind for ‘A Good Man Goes To War’
    You have no choice but to watch it through other means, its not your fault.

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      That is honestly the most convincing argument. Plus it keeps us from having to write a radio play in three days.

  3. GrrAargh says:

    Sarah Smart isn’t that attractive?! Sacrilege!

  4. Nicholas says:

    Well, that was the first weak episode of the season. It felt too weak to stretch out over two, and reminded me heavily of the Silurian two parter from last season. The plot was strange. So there was a solar storm that put them in the apparent future (they never really said the year), then the storm’s still going on. Then they had to protect the factory from a huge radiation bit that never hurt them. Then they suddenly knew the gangers were alive and evil. And then they decided to kill the gangers for some reason. Can’t say I’m excited for the next one. But hey, Eyepatch Lady!

    The TV movie has its good and bad points. Paul McGann is utterly brilliant as the Doctor (and do check out the Big Finish audios, he only gets better)), and the TARDIS looked great. But Eric Roberts was awful, even worse than John Simm as the Master.

    If you guys do talk about the Eighth Doctor, I’m so jealous I can’t be there. He’s my favorite.

  5. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    Hey Unethical Liz and Equal Rudy,

    Sorry just heard the show, in which i got a double mention, go me, for i am @onmejack, of the Odo joke, as well as UK Correspondent.
    So let me address my failure to fully answer the advertising question. Here in the UK Doctor Who is part of the DNA, so we dont need advertising, we know to Trust the Doctor, even though ‘he lies’. So we get exciting Teaser trailers, but we don’t need them. ;-)

    so here comes the response to the actual episode.

    If you play the comparisons game, its actually better then maybe you give it credit for. Or should i say its less sh!t.
    It is better then similar episodes like ‘Not the Doctors Daughter’ and ‘Underground Dinosaurs’
    Its also better, much better then the other episode by the writer, ‘Fear Her’, which if unlike me you have successfuly forgotten, is the episode set during the Olympics and features a kid drawing or snores…
    Now that I’ve said that, it wasn’t good.
    There is no context given to anything, as mentioned why are the doing whatever with Acid?
    Also where did ‘The Flesh’ come from? Why was the Nestene Consiousnous and the fact that Rory was once plastic (as established he remembers this) not mentioned at all?
    Clearly there was something else going on as The Doctor was aware of things and trying to help something happen, but really who cares.
    Eye Patch Lady (Who DIDN’T appear in the Docotr’s Wife) was rubbish. sorry, but it was a visual jump in the tedium and served, just like the pregnancy scan, no real purpose, it moved nothing on, at all.

    Be interesting to see what they do with Ganger Eleven, hopefully more then Sexbot Ten, who was all piss and vinegar and then left for Rose. But i don’t believe at all that Moffat would do anything as ordinary as have a Doppel Dr to kill off, not Timey Wimey enough.

  6. DangerShoes says:

    Just my 2 cents, but do hope the choice is the U.K. one. Can’t say no more. :)

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