Crossing the Pond – The Today Show visits Doctor Who

blog 21 May 2011 0 Comments

This has been floating around for a while but Doctor Who’s own British Invasion of America continued with Meredith Vieira of the “Today Show” visiting the set and making a cameo appearance on our favorite show. The beginning of the piece is actually excellent, and includes a pretty decent summary of Doctor Who to bring first-timers, like Meredith herself, up to speed. It takes a wrong turn into silly fluff territory when they start pretending its all real, with Meredith interviewing the actors in character and trying to “get a ride on the TARDIS”. Still, Matt Smith has fun with it and we do get some <breathy>spoilers</breathy>

I found this on Bleeding Cool – an excellent comics, television, and movie news and spoilers site. One of my favorite places on the Internet.

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