Episode 4: “The Doctor’s Wife”

podcast 18 May 2011 6 Comments


We’ve been doing this a month now, so why not spice things up with a guest commenter? Megan Westerby, well-versed in all things Who, joins Liz and Rudy this week to discuss the Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife.”

And what an episode! Did Liz actually end up liking it, despite concerns about Neil Gaiman’s screenwriting? What does the episode reveal about the history of the Time Lords — and the future of the season? Was this episode the best episode ever made? At least one of those questions is answered — as well as many of your Twitter thoughts and queries.

As always, comment here with your own thoughts, respond to us on Twitter, or feel free to email. Also, don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes if you haven’t already. Thanks to Casey McKinnon for hosting and sharing some thoughts from the peanut gallery, and to all of you for listening!

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6 Responses on “Episode 4: “The Doctor’s Wife””

  1. Nicholas says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I don’t think TARDIS’s and Time Lords are the same. If I recall from the last few seasons, TARDIS’s are grown like coral, and then “carved.” Gallifreyans only get the regenerations once they become Time Lords (at least, going by the past episodes and Big Finish stories; speaking of BF, there were some awesome similarities to Zagreus, although when I asked him, Gaiman said he hadn’t heard any of the BF stories).

    And I don’t think River is anyone or anything we’ve seen before. She’s River, an incredibly awesome woman the Doctor stumbles across.

    Also, random comment: I really hoped we’d get the Eighth Doctor’s console room in this episode. Long shot yeah, but it was just so pretty. The Eight Doctor rules! Is it a stigma to admit he’s my favorite?

  2. Jeff (DangerShoes) says:

    The thing about Amy’s house, it’s like a cloaking device (or neural dampener)that is hiding that one room that the alien is in. Don’t think it’s another floor. I am curious about the Silences technology. In the Lodger, it’s said to be Timelord tech.

    Things I noticed in this episode:

    1: Rory and Amy again talk about seeing the Doctor die…
    2: Doctor again makes a comment about living.
    3: Before Idris/TARDIS vanishes completely into the .. TARDIS, she whispers “I love you.” Or something like that. Was awfully noisy with all the TARDIS noise and all.

    That’s all I noticed. I mean outside of the overall awesomeness of the episode.
    Thank you all for this cool podcast. Really enjoyable. :)

  3. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:

    Hey from the UK, and sorry for the delay.

    Show gets better, more confident AND with guests and a peanut gallery.

    Thought The Doctor’s Wife was excellent, you covered most of the things worth saying, except it was the first time I Felt that Moffat as Showrunner has found his Moffat, in the way that he was to RTD.

    Was interesting that despite putting the show back a season, they STILL didn’t have enough budget for Gaiman’s episode.
    Needed at least an hour screen time with deleted scenes for time and money very evident.

    Gaiman made a big thing about how he wanted to go off and see more of the Tardis beyond the control room and what we saw were lots of very flat 80′s corridors.

    anyway enough rambling i was given a task to do…

    I can confirm from the UK that we have different marketing to you, inc trailers. so no ‘Trust your Doctor’ tagline round here.
    Marketing notoriously last year spent a £1m on a 3D cinema campaign, at the same time the shows budget had been cut. and it was a rubbish advert as well.
    Also still no voice over from Amy at the beginning as well.

    It did make me wonder, do you guys get Dr Who Confidential? It is a 45 minute making of documentary, that goes out weekly after each episode.
    Funny, interesting and insightful. And Gaiman plays a big part in his episodes making off.

    Also did you know that the make shift Tardis that the Dr and Idris make, was actually designed by an 11 year old fan of the show. as part of a BBC competition.


    • Nicholas says:

      We don’t get Confidential, sadly. At best we’d get a 10 minute bit or something on the DVDs (at least that’s how season 5 was packaged). Throughout the episodes there’s quick 30 second clips from Confidential though.

    • Rudy Jahchan says:

      Like Nicholas said, no Doctor Who Confidential state-side. And is interesting that they don’t have a “Trust Your Doctor” campaign out in the UK, as trust is the central theme this season.

      I do agree with you about the disappointment of the corridors though. But if it was a matter of budget, I think they did a bang up job with so little.


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