Episode 3: “Curse of the Black Spot”

podcast 11 May 2011 8 Comments


Our third episode! Hooray! And this time, with pirates!

This week, Liz and Rudy debate whether Doctor Who‘s “Curse of the Black Spot” is truly a filler episode and look forward to next week’s Neil Gaiman-written installment.

There’s also some discussion regarding the recent controversy that Doctor Who has gotten too scary and complicated for kids. Plus, we touch on the Fox series Fringe — no spoilers, but its third season finale brought the show into Timey Wimey territory, and Liz would love to know what other people thought of it. (And if you’ve never watched Fringe, what the hell are you waiting for?)

As always, please share your thoughts with us — via Twitter, via email or via the comments on this blog — and we’ll incorporate them into the next show. Don’t forget, also, that you can subscribe on iTunes! Hooray for Apple and its wonderful range of consumer products!

Special thanks to composer-of-themes Aaron Roethe, our shiny new microphone, and you for listening!

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8 Responses on “Episode 3: “Curse of the Black Spot””

  1. Andrew Seely says:

    I send the link to my thoughts about the Dr via twitter to you both.
    But let’s talk Fringe.

    While I feel it was a bit Terminator/Dollhouse of them to include the timejump, I do think it does it perfectly into the tone of the show to go that route.

    I think what’s more interesting is what the watchers have to say at the very end of the episode.

    We’ll see if they pull a lost and start jumping between blue world, red world and now grey world, or if everything will now take place in grey world.

    If any show can handle things well these days, it’s fringe.

    All i could really think of during the end of the finale was the ability of all those actors to act against them selves during that last scene.

  2. DangerShoes says:

    Speculation: I think he did let her save him maybe to have their bond be more cemented to help them cope with the upcoming drama with her positive/negative pregnancy.

    Though I think Amy looked very cool as a pirate, when did she learn how to sword fight? I did like the story with the father and son.

    In the last season, the stories were paced well to build up the characters while still weaving an encompassing story arch. This season (could be because the characters are already flushed out) seems rushed. Last episode showed the Doctor seeing Amy’s fluctuating pregnancy, then this one they answer an unknown distress signal. Oh! Also I think the Doctor is on to what they are trying to hide from him. He was dropping lines about living and death purposefully to get a reaction from Rory and Amy I believe.

    About Fringe: … Don’t hate me, but I haven’t been watching it on a regular basis. :(

    • DangerShoes says:

      Just realized this, but not sure why it shows I posted this on the 12th at 1 A.M.when it’s the 11th at 7pm lol

    • admin says:

      I don’t think Amy was actually sword fighting with any real skill. Just they were all really fearful of getting any cuts.

      Don’t worry Jeff, neither am I ;-)

  3. Nicholas says:


    I’m American, but my parents and I watch Doctor Who in a kind of ritual way. But, we’ve always viewed it as more complex (well, at least since Moffat took over), so we aren’t confused by things.

    And if you want dark, I’ve been listening to the Big Finish stuff. That’s pure nightmare fuel (Zagreus and Terror Firma especially). Moffat’s scary, but he’s not all of a sudden the Nightmare God or something (and that would be a cool villain).

    Davies had some good moments, but he really got too self-indulgent, especially just sticking to present day earth and bringing back the same actors over and over. Moffat’s really exploring the potential of the show; more time travel, more alien planets, and it’s awesome.

    Loving the show, you guys rock. I’m in Rudy’s camp on Gaiman, so I can’t wait to see how Liz reacts to the new episode.

  4. Steven Keevil UK Correspondent says:


    Lets get the thoughts on the Episode out of the way:

    Right moving on, from the UK i can confirm;
    a) We do not have any type of Amy intro voiceover.
    b) That once all viewing was taken into consideration, the second season so far has higher viewing figures in the UK then the second season of Tennent’s run.
    The media storys were just based on over nights, which were relatively low, but still took over a 30% share of the viewing audience.

    The episode was very filler. it might have been better not to have come after such a complex two parter.
    And you are right there is the chance that in a Liz 10 way they will come back, the pirate that vanished etc will all make sense.
    but also Meh.

    Much more interesting to discuss next weeks episode (no ‘spoilers’ promise)
    - The Doctor’s Daughter as well as being shit, did not feature the Doctor’s Daughter.
    (With RTD laughing at the suggestion, seemingly forgetting the first ever companion was the Doctor’s Granddaughter)
    - The Next Doctor, as well making little actual sense, did not feature The Next Doctor, mut David Morrisey was great, in the first half at least.
    - The End of Time, DID, feature the Doctor’s Mother, apprently, if you listen to the commentary, it in no way comes across in the episode.
    -The Doctor’s Wife… is it a double bluff?
    I don’t think it will feature the Doctor’s Wife, but i do think it will feature the Doctor’s Wife. Clarity = Not River Song.

    I understand what Liz was saying about Gaiman on screen, although Stardust wasn’t written by him, Coraline, Mirrormask and Beowulf were. And if you haven’t you should check out Mirrormask, Dave McKean’s directorial debut.

    and Rudy, you really should give Frienge another try, yes when its bad, esp season 1 its awful, but, when its great its awesome AND Walter is always worth watching.

    And finally, ignore Hayden Black, he used to dress up as a teenage girl, and remember…
    In Moffat We Trust.

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      Mirrormask and Coraline! Yes, those are two other movies with which I also have the Gaiman Problem. Thank you for the reminder.

      Good point about the bluffing re: episode titles. (CLONES AREN’T KIDS!) Only about 24 hours before we find out what happens there.

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