Episode 2: “Day of the Moon”

podcast 4 May 2011 8 Comments


It’s our second episode! And not ONLY do Liz and Rudy discuss Doctor Who: “Day of the Moon,” AND throw down a whole season’s worth of speculation, AND thank those of you who have Tweeted and commented so far — but we also poke at a franchise beloved by time travel fans who like their time travel with a side of James Cameron! That’s right, Terminator might be coming back? Crazy-pants, amirite?

This week, let’s thank iTunes for making us an official podcast-y podcast that you can subscribe to! And we also need to thank Aaron Roethe for his kick-ass opening theme, Casey McKinnon (who wore headphones while playing Portal 2 so we could record this) and everyone who listened last week.

Please drop us a line at feedback at timeywimey dot tv, hit us up on Twitter or comment on this post to give your feedback or just do what we all love doing — discussing Doctor Who.

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8 Responses on “Episode 2: “Day of the Moon””

  1. Nicholas says:

    Somehow I missed the first episode, but dove in with this. I love it (and the name of the podcast). Great stuff, I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Dangershoes says:

    The River/Who thing: I think it’s her last kiss before her scene in the Library. Of course is just guessing, but maybe when next he sees her it will be her first time seeing him. Though it would be “Spoiler”ish of him to tell her about her future. I get confused think on that too much. :)

    With the Amy communicator: When she shows up on the ship, she says she just got there but they keep telling her she’s been there for some time. Not sure why they would “suggest” to her that her just got there only to tell her differently.

    The Yes/No Baby: Don’t think so much as it’s the Doctor’s daughter (loved that episode, btw) as so much as a by product of being in the TARDIS while pregnant. Though she wasn’t in it for long while pregnant. Plus for the Silence to have photos, would mean she either goes back to that time to have the baby, or had the baby during the “in the dark” time… but then the Doctor scanned her at the end… grrr nvm. brain is melting.

    Love this podcast! Thanks you two! :)

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      With the Amy communicator: When she shows up on the ship, she says she just got there but they keep telling her she’s been there for some time. Not sure why they would “suggest” to her that her just got there only to tell her differently.

      Good catch on that, sir. Methinks that’s when babies got made. But we’ll see. And thank you for listening!

  3. Steven Keevil (Rhymes with Evil) says:

    Hi, thanks for another show, now on iTunes as well, very exciting.

    Thanks for the mention so here is my further thoughts and speculations on Dr Who. (apologise its a big one)

    - In Moffat we Trust

    - Well that certainly was a season finale at the beginning.

    - I’m in love with River Song. My favourite companion. Ever. Well will be when they let her stay.

    - Negatives;
    has Moffet run out of ideas?
    Has he confused the Dr is CLEVER with the show must be?
    Do kids find it boring?
    RTD was good at the big emotional sweeps, getting teary. With Moff I think wow thats awesome. but like you say when you think about it, does it make any sense?
    Just like the ‘Pandorica opens’ the cliffhanger isn’t resolved rather ignored in favour of telling a completely different story

    - Interesting that Dr forgets The Silents. Has never heard of them or forgotten that he has? You mention the Proto-Tardis being abandoned in the Lodger. Was it abandoned, or was the Doctor unaware that they were there? But its the second Proto tardis he has just left behind.

    - Have The Silents fallen? Is that still to come?

    - Are they anything to do with the TARDIS blowing up at end of 5?

    - Interesting they confirmed the Rory Centurian was part of this Rory.

    - Looking forward to seeing Canton again. say they can arrange for him to bring gasoline, and then leave.

    -Amy’s Timey Wimey Baby, i saw more as an effect of time travel then Spawn of the Dr. This is the same girl who slept next to a crack in the Universe after all.

    - Something that’s always annoyed me with Nu Who is the Attention Deficit Disorder.
    Where theres big shit going down but the next episode wasn’t written by RTD so just forget it
    Being a Moffat apologist. I loved that they addresed that with Dr saying ok we can find the girl or go on an adventure.
    Though saying that. It is a little girl so it’s very wrong that they just abandon looking for her…

    -RTD Who was clearly inspired by Wheddon whilst Moffat seems to be more Lynch (who had no qualms about not explaining a mystery)

    -River and the Dr’s relationship is relatively linear, (albeit reversed) for a timey wimey writer like Moffat, and yet we know that wont always be the case, becuase one day the Dr will appear at her door and giver her a screw driver, to download herself down to, so he can download her into a computer…

    - In Ep 1. Near the end. Who knocked Canton out in the warehouse?

    - in Ep 1Why did one of the Silents speak to Amy in the WH toilets, to what purpose?

    - that clearly wasnt the end of the Silents, Amy saw one after all at the picnic.
    And if they have been here since the fire and the wheel, why did they want us to go to space. and build space suits.
    talking of which why were some wearing suits?
    Though River said the Space Suit had differnt alien technology in it! why and how? Cybermen!

    On that this lengthy post ends, apart from to say next week is Not space Pirates.


  4. Nar says:

    Guys: love the podcast! Question for episode 3: was I the only who wanted Rory to DIE???

    • Liz Shannon Miller says:

      You’ve gotten your wish like three times over at this point! He keeps dying and dying for your pleasure. WHY AREN’T YOU SATSIFIED?

      Also, thanks!

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