Episode I: “The Impossible Astronaut”

podcast 26 April 2011 5 Comments


This is not a picture of anyone involved with the creation of this podcast! This is a picture of the current cast of Doctor Who. This first installment of Timey Wimey TV, though, does discuss their latest adventure through time and space, “The Impossible Astronaut,” with the occasional digression, side note, criticism and moment of adoration. To quote River Song, “spoilers.”

We are new at this, and thus would love your suggestions and comments for future episodes! There is a handy commenting section down below for just such a reason, and you can also reach us at feedback at timeywimey dot tv. Say something clever, and your comments will be featured in upcoming installments! We promise.

Special thanks to Aaron Roethe for the amazing theme music, Psychic Bunny and Casey McKinnon. And extra-special thanks to you for listening!

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5 Responses on “Episode I: “The Impossible Astronaut””

  1. Steven Keevil says:


    Good first show, looking forward to their being more.

    Some thoughts from UK side;

    No there is no Amy Pond Narration explaining what is going on.

    Whilst fun the beginning was fun, it also kind of annoyed me, whilst Moffet is very good and the ‘Timey Wimey’ there is an approach to time travel that is still incredibly linear.
    Whilst Amy and Rory are finding all these examples of the Doctor throughout time, why are they all Dr Eleven, they can find no mention of any of the others.
    Eleven when he does turn up is 200 years older, he has been with River to Easter Island and everything. Yet knowing, as he seemingly does what will happen at the picnic, he calls upon the 4 people he can trust to help him.
    Are we to believe in 200 hundred years of his life he met no other companions and/ or that the best people for the job are Amy and Rory?
    Also just how bad can the danger be this season, as Eleven will live for another 200 years and River will become a Professor one day.
    If the funeral had occured at the end of an episode, it would have been jaw dropping what happens next stuff. happening as it does 10 minutes in I was confused and unemotional.


    In Moff we trust. And so it will all come good I am sure.

    Something I also mentioned elsewhere, what was River wearing the first time we ever saw her in the Library, and that episode had the word Silence in it.

    It was interesting in the episode that at no time does the Dr ever see and forget that he saw the aliens.

    If trailer was anything to go by looks like there is a lot opf action to cover.

    Anyways better go Episode 2 is about to start ;-)

  2. prowse says:

    Comment section is not conveniently easy found nor below, it is found only by clicking on the link ABOVE the story descriptio OR by clicking on a recently made comment above and to the right in the right column. Sound recording level is too low over-all. Male voice dominates unnecessarily, but that is due the woman’s voice is not close enough to any mic (perhaps you are also separated by great time and distance, as to be using Skype) – she sounds too room-micy. Good content so far. keep it up (had to boost it 200% in VLC in order to hear the audio fully)

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll see about moving the comments around.

      And hopefully this week’s episode has a more balanced sound. The perils of using a directional mike and garage band!

  3. jarrod moore says:

    just finished the first podcast. nice work. nice listening to two random people discuss doctor who. and the whole river killing the doctor idea seems fitting. seeing as how he does ask her ‘who did you kill?’ in his best perplexed tone. on to the next one as soon as i can.

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